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Instead of throwing away used coffee grounds, follow this recipe for a zero waste, homemade facial scrub.. ...
2021-10-11 09:00:00

Make the Most of Your Coffee
A Recipe for Facial Scrub

"Dregs in the Cup", William Sidney Mount, 1838 (public domain)
Make the Most of Your Coffee
Make the Most of Your Coffee

Instead of doing a coffee reading, why not make used grounds into cosmetics? Here is a simple homemade facial scrub in the spirit of zero waste.

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Take the coffee grounds from a coffee pot or machine and submerge them in olive oil (it can be from a press) or linseed oil. If you have argan or almond oil in the house, even better. Add a teaspoon of vinegar (e.g. cider or wine vinegar) and a drop or two of your favourite essential oil. Keep in the fridge in a wide-top jar so you can get the contents out easily. You can also mix the coffee grounds half and half with oat flakes left over from making oat milk, or with green tea leaves, dried (after steeping) and then ground (in a coffee grinder).

Pluses: this facial scrub is excellent for the skin and the wallet. It oils, moisturizes and energizes.

Minuses: once you’ve washed it off, it’s time to clean the bathroom.


Translated from the Polish by Annie Jaroszewicz

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Dominika Bok

A few years ago, she reoriented her interests towards fields and meadows; she transitioned from culture to nature. In the past, she described herself as an ethnographer, journalist, archivist and cultural animator. Today, she thinks of herself as an embroider, herbalist, certified farmer and amateur mystic. She dreads to think what the future holds.