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A psychologist outlines four meditation exercises for the autumn months.
2019-09-14 00:00:00
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Four Short Meditations for the Autumn Weather

Drawing by Kazimierz Wiśniak
Four Short Meditations for the Autumn Weather
Four Short Meditations for the Autumn Weather
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For another autumn

Allow yourself to slow down, maybe even stop for a brief moment. You can sit down somewhere, in a room with a view of the scenery outside, or perhaps outside on a bench. Let your senses, especially smell and sight, focus slowly and expand to experience what is appearing.

Notice how the weather is changing and how this influences you. Also, think about how these changes make you feel, how they affect you, and what you therefore intend to do in the coming days.

Meditating with rain

If the opportunity presents itself, try practising meditation with rain. You do not need to go outside; you can look at the rain from a distance without having to get wet. If possible, you can start by listening to its sound. When practising this, you can also bring your attention to your breath, while still listening to the sound of the rain.

As you watch the raindrops, the way in which the water washes off buildings and streets, you can also imagine it relieving your tension, anxiety, and concerns.

Reflections on fog

Imagine fog. It permeates the whole city, maybe even your own body. You might also experience fog in your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you do not know what you should do; maybe you feel lost, maybe you do not know how to solve a specific problem. You can focus for a moment on the question you have inside you.

Contemplate being in the fog, without having to change anything. Remember that fog is a safe place, it allows you to slow down, not to solve all the problems at once. Gradually imagine that the fog recedes until it disappears completely. What appears now?

Mindful language

When going for a walk, think of words that can support you on a daily basis. These may simply be some basic words such as ‘memory’, ‘kindness’, ‘acceptance’, ‘lightness’, ‘wisdom’, ‘gentleness’ and ‘courage’. Spend some time with each of these words and notice how they affect you, what they give you. You can do the same thing with entire phrases, for example: ‘may I be calm’, ‘let me take care to be strong’, ‘may I know how to be tender.’

If you find words or phrases that prove to be especially helpful (i.e. supportive or soothing), you can return to them as anchors that will bring you back to what is important and needed.


Translated from the Polish by Daniel J. Sax

This text was translated from Polish, thanks to which we can reach readers outside of Poland. If you enjoy what we do and would like to keep accessing journalism from Central and Eastern Europe, please support PRZEKRÓJ Foundation and help us develop the English version of our website.

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