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A whale in Warsaw? Impossible! And yet here it is!

media / Video

Friday, 9th December 2017, was supposed to be a regular day for those living in the Polish capital, Warsaw. However, at dawn a whale appears.

This creature – which is huge, motionless and smells of the ocean – is lying next to a bridge on a sandy Vistula shore in the centre of the city. Scientists are bustling about around it. People ask: Is it real? How on Earth did it get here? Is it possible to save it? What has happened to nature? As time passes by, it turns out that the whale is actually a sculpture by the Belgian collective Captain Boomer, which was brought to Warsaw by the Polish quarterly “Przekrój”. A sculpture that raises questions.

Watch a trailer of The Whale documentary and read more about the events of that day here.


Written and directed by Izabela Pająk

Director of Photography Józefina Gocman