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“I am a Hawaian swimmer. Fisherman / drawn to stories, angel fish, currents.” Two poems by Romanian ...
2020-04-16 09:00:00

Two Romanian Poems

"Natural Bridge, Bermuda" by Winslow Homer, ca. 1901
Two Romanian Poems
Two Romanian Poems
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It is searing. Almost unbearable.
I washed the colored clothes.
On the balcony, the Guinea pigs
have a greasy fur. I cannot bring myself
to get them inside today either.
Two boxes of Indian scent sticks
I had sworn not to burn.
And the nightmare caresses my brain
like hair ends.
I am reading The Romantic Dogs.
I read Llorca again.
I fell asleep.
The phone woke me up.
It wasn’t you.



I am a Hawaian swimmer. Fisherman
drawn to stories, angel fish, currents.
The ocean is warm and I can float for hours,
for days without drowning. Without wishing
to come back. To harpoon the ondulating backs.
Behind me, there are drums, smoke, the totemic wives
of a porcine king. In front of me, the marine highway,
the liquid skin of the planet. In my heart, there is
no distress -only love, ukulele song. Energetic stalks.
I am a fisherman. The goddess squeezes the grape berry
-I fall on the island of velvety magma: your bossom, Irina,
At the end of a far away journey.


Translated from the Romanian by Clara Burghelea

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Ștefan Manasia

is a poet, journalist, and editor of “Tribuna”, a Romanian cultural magazine. He has published six volumes of poetry and had his poems translated into Hungarian, French, German, Polish and Modern Hebrew. He is also the author of a collection of essays and literary chronicles published in 2016 called “The Aroma Stabilizer”.