Baby You, 2022

Presented by the Przekrój Foundation.

Baby You is a 34-meter hot air balloon in the shape of a newborn infant — a metaphor for the potential in all of us that’s waiting to be awakened, unlimited, and endless as the sky. It is a reminder of the precious nature of childhood; to be joyful, full of wonder, and present in the here and now. With the Baby You project, its creators hope to impart that each and every one of us is already enough, that we were born this way.

To bring this project to life Przekrój partnered with Belgian artist Bart Van Peel. It took nine months to build and was a multinational collaboration between engineers, designers, and tailors in Poland, Belgium, and the UK.

Baby You will be flying across Europe and the United States in the coming years, collaborating with various festivals, artists, and organizations to be updated below.

PRZEKRÓJ Foundation

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