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Welcome to “Przekrój”!

In case you’re wondering where you are, and especially since you probably can’t pronounce the name of this website, here’s a little help—“Przekrój” (pronounced “p-SHEH-crooy”) is the oldest society and culture magazine in Poland, now available in English.

“Przekrój” Magazine brings English-speaking readers some of the best journalism from across Central and Eastern Europe, in the fields of wellbeing, art, literature, science, ecology, philosophy, psychology, and more. Take a break from the speed and intensity of the daily news and join us!

Maryla Szymiczkowa

is the author of several crime novels set in fin de siècle Kraków. She was called into existence by the poet and writer Jacek Dehnel (born 1980) and translator Piotr Tarczyński (born 1983). Had she lived, she would have lived in Kraków with her professor husband, who – to our delight – would have been a subscriber to the hardcover edition of “Przekrój”.

Mrs Mohr Goes Missing

Mrs Mohr Goes Missing

Reading / literature
A corpse has been discovered at a retirement home run by nuns, but Zofia is not convinced that the death was entirely natural... Antonia Lloyd-Jones translates an excerpt from the first novel in a period crime series featuring Zofia Turbotyńska. Maryla Szymiczkowa