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Welcome to "Przekrój"!

In case you wonder where you are, and especially since you probably can’t pronounce the name of this website, here’s a little help. “Przekrój” (pron. ‘p-SHEH-crooy’) is the oldest magazine about society and culture in Poland. Now it’s also available in English!

“Przekrój” Magazine brings to the English reader some of the best journalism from across Central and Eastern Europe, in such fields as culture, society, ecology and literature. Stand aside from the haste and fierceness of everyday news and join us now!

Classic Cartoons from "Przekrój" Magazine

Zbigniew Lengren

was a legendary comic-strip artist for “Przekrój”; a caricaturist who never presented anyone in a malicious way. He invented Professor Filutek, a jolly man dressed in old-fashioned style, with a bowler hat and umbrella. In life, Lengren avoided anything that seemed arrogant or conceited, snobbish or pompous, or demanded too much respect for procedures, hierarchies and obedience.